The Comedy Defect

Jay Handley (Comedian)

September 29, 2021

Jay Handley used to make beautiful sculpted oak furniture before fucking it all off to become a comedian instead. A decision that has been financially catastrophic.

That said he does get to perform all over the country at some of its very best venues. These include The Glee Club, Jongleurs, The Stand, The Comedy Store & Baby Blue.

Clearly, what he has lost financially he has gained artistically.

He has also twice been a finalist/bridesmaid in the Birmingham New Act of the Year Awards as well as appearing in the semi-finals of the LOADED Laftas and the Final of the Levity Festival Act of the Year.

Alas, he has won nothing... nothing at all. 

But what he has lost in potential accolades he has gained in a zen-like acceptance of his place in the world. 

He is a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe and has performed 4 solo shows. "Free Comic" &  "Free Comic Vol 2", the cretinously titled "You Want the Truth? You Can't Handley the Truth" and his favourite... "Hansplaining". He will be returning in 2018 with his new favourite show "White Jesus"

Over the years some people have formed opinions of Jay Handley. Some even worthy of being published on blog-based review sites! 

'There are moments here that can go toe to toe with some of the funniest stand up skits I've seen' -

'A top class comic with a great mix of material...his gags are imaginative, polished and proper proper funny' - 4GoodComedians

'Absolutely brilliant!' - Artificial Light

'A highly funny act' - Comedy Sheep

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